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First Edition

Best Narrative Feature

Acting The first six Lesson

Directed by: Emily Bridges

Best Narrative Short

Naval Gazing

Directed by: Aisha Evelyna

Best Feature Documentary

Maria the Korean Bride: Ghost Wedding

Directed by: Maria Yoon

Best Short Documentary

The Best Time

Directed by: Jessica Crossman

Best Experimental

The Way We Are

Directed by: Donald Li

Best Comedy

Room Temperature

Directed by: Brandy Seymour

Best Horror

Double Edged

Directed by: Cliona Concetta

Best Animation

The Ancestral Tree

Directed by: p.a. duquette

Best Web/TV/Pilot


Directed by: Natalia Montecinos

Best Music Video

Naima- A N I M A

Directed by: Natalie Jean-Marain, Shyam Jones



Directed by: Zhou Weijia

Best Female Director

Honorable Sins

Directed by: Susan Singh

Best Actress

Naval Gazing

Starring:Charis Ann Wiens

Best Producer

Dear Elijah

Producer: Brenda Yvonne Todd

Best Student Film & Best Cinematographer


Directed by: Maggie Smith

DOP by: Taylor Sniffen

Best Script

13th Street Scare

Written by: Cecilia Copeland

Best Science fiction & Best Editor


Directed by: Brandy Seymour

Edited by: Crystal Ash

Best Human Rights & Best Poster

Unlearning Sex

Directed by: Zanah Thirus

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